Rotor Shaft Repair

Pre-Inspection / Measurements

After cleaning/blasting of rotor, all dimensions measure and clearance checks according to manufacturer requirement, and prepare report to present Owner and Classification Society.

Repair of Rotor Shaft

In order to meet our customer needs, we offer turbocharger reconditioning which is a cost-effective alternative. Most of the parts, especially the shafts which is subjected to the most stress during operation can be renewed partly or completely. Damage to the shaft end is a direct consequence of bearing damage. Rotor shafts can be rebuilt back to the OEM specification, depending on the extent of the wear on the bearing journals, sealing areas and pump spigots.

Hot Metal Spraying & Laser Cladding

All rotating shafts, shaft journals, threaded areas, pump spigots and seal areas can be repaired by metal spraying method. New layer of metal is applied to the surfaces such as keyways and threads to be treated at a temperature below 300 °C . Afterwoods the parts can be machined to the original specification on the new layer without risk of damage.

Hot metal spray technology is used in cases where only sections of the shaft are to be sprayed, otherwise laser metal cladding which avoids heat damage to neighboring areas is the optimal solution.

Gland Strips (Labyrinth) Renawal

Damaged or undersize gland strips are replaced with new ones and machined to its original dimension.