Reconditioning Of Turbine Blades / Reblading Of Rotor

Reconditioning of Turbine Blades / Reblading of Rotor Shaft

There are various reasons for the damage and wearing on turbine blades. Poor quality fuel can cause incomplete combustion and the unburnt particles can chip pieces from the blades and bend them. ,Carbonised particles, high sulphur and water content of the fuel is the reason of corrosion. Also external factors (bearing failures, inflow of foreign particles) which comes from the engine creates damage to the turbine blades. These damages will cause loss of charge pressure and engine performance.

In all cases, damaged turbine blades can be repaired or replaced by our qualified technicians using TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process. After repairing of the blade, it is machined or grinded to its original shape and checked for cracks by UV penetrant.

The process of reblading consists of the following stages:

  • Disassembling of the blades
  • Cleaning/Blasting and checking of the rotor shaft
  • Rebuilding of the turbine blades by replenishing, using the TIG method
  • Final process of cleaning of the blades
  • Weighting of the blades with the use of a digital balance.
  • Mounting of the blades on the axle.
  • Replacement of the damping wire
  • Dynamic and static balancing of the rotor shaft.