Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing of Turbocharger Rotors

While working with high-speed rotating parts, one of the most important thing is balancing. Inefficient working conditions, lack of maintenance damage or uneven dirt/carbon deposits on the compressor wheel and turbine blades can cause unacceptable noise and unbalance. When this unbalance exceeds the permissible limits, vibrations will occur and effect to reducethe life of bearings. This may cause major damage to the entire turbocharger.

The various types of unbalance are:

  • Static Unbalance
  • Couple Unbalance
  • Semi-Static Unbalance
  • Dynamic Unbalance

To ensure maximum performance, rotors should be removed and cleaned periodically. In addition, the rotors should be rebalanced. Our workshops are equipped with German made Schenck CAB 720 Balancing Machine with H40 / 20 BUTL pedestals balancing machine with computerized Software to provide precision results. Our balancing machines are calibrated and certified on a yearly basis by an independent firm ensuring their precision according to ISO norms.

Balancing Of Other Components

The unbalance can be fixed only through the balancing procedure. UNITURBINE also balances below components separately and corrects for dynamic/static unbalance.

  • Electric motor and alternator rotors
  • Flywheel
  • Gas and steam turbines
  • Centrifuge drums
  • Pump impellers
  • Turbine-driven pumps
  • Fans and propellers shafts
  • Paper machinery rolls: print rolls
  • Rotors in general and special parts