Bearing Reconditioning

Reconditioning of Bearings

Uniturbine carries out the reconditioning of bearing assemblies for turbochargers using new components to provide more economical opportunities to the customers. All parts and components are checked and verified against manufacturer’s specifications to ensure they are within limits.

Reconditioning process is as follows;

  • Bearing assemblies are dismantled and cleaned
  • The old ball and Roller Bearings are replaced with new ones.
  • The other elements are cleaned, measured and evaluated whether they should be replaced or not.
  • The bearings are reassembled and adjusted according to the manufacturers’ specifications on test bench.
  • After adjustment the bearing units are sealed in air tight tin boxes and stored as spare parts.

Uniturbin offers bearings on exchange basis as well as on direct sale basis and guarantees the same lifetime for the reconditioned bearings as it does for new units.