Sound & Vibration

Uniturbin provides sound & vibration measurement and analysis services for accommodations and working sites in vessels, as well as measurements of noise emission from main and auxiliary engines, industrial works and mechanical devices in accordance with Class Requirement, Crew Habitability ISO 6954, Flag Administration, SOLAS, IMO 468A, LSA CODE AND ALARMS

We also provide resonance, power / torque and lighting / climate measurements and carry out expertise and consulting referred to reduction of vibrations.

Our service also includes the following measurements:

  • global vibration of hull construction and ship superstructure
  • torsional, flexural and longitudinal vibration of ship transmission systems
  • local vibration in accommodation and of ship equipment (diagnosis and optimization)
  • global and local vibration of other marine objects
  • resistance to vibrations, impacts and shocks
  • Power and torque measurements on Shaft

The measurement of signals collected from rotating elements is carried out with the use of Binsfeld and Dew System equipment.

The services are carried out world-wide in the range of ship sea trials and on-board measurements at harbour and at sea.