Chemical & Ultrasonic Cleaning

Fouled air coolers can decrease the efficiency of diesel engine. Insufficient air in the cylinders due to dirty air side or insufficient cooling water due to scaled water tubes will result in poor performance and increased fuel consumption. Ultrasonic cleaning is a technique for removing contaminants with high frequency sound waves. This method is highly effective way of cleaning and mainly used for cleaning of air coolers. A bio-degradable chemical is used for the removal of rust, steam deposits and organic products. A hot caustic bath, heated to 90° C is used to remove fatty acids, oils, non-organic matter and excess adhesive.

Methods of Air Side Cleaning:

Fins in the air side can be cleaned by using compressed air at Low pressure.

The air side can be cleaned by dipping the air cooler in a chemical bath for a certain period of time This will remove all deposits on the air side.

Another method of cleaning the air side is by using the jet of water at Low pressure.

Note: Usage of very high pressure may lead to bending of fins and thus causing permanent damage to the air cooler.

Methods of Fresh Water Side Cleaning:

For soft deposits on the water side, dip the cooler in a chemical bath After a certain period of tme. take the cooler out and then clean with water at some temperature higher than ambient. It is always preferred to circulate water using witden pump and drums.

For hard deposits use a long drill bit to dnii the hard deposits on the tubes Note this requires a specialist to drill the hard deposits because small mistakes in drilling may damage the tubes.