Other Repair Services

Uniturbine performs repair services, range from minor weld repair to complete replacement of rotating components, including steam path replacement and new rotors.

Our experienced and highly skilled engineers and technicians are qualified at precision installation, machining and welding processes, which restore equipment to maximum performance.

  • Bowed Rotor Straightening
  • Weld Build up, Machining and Refurbishment Of Turbine Shells, Casings, Joint Faces and  Seals
  • Thrust Collar, Journal and Coupling machining
  • Steam or gas path upgrades
  • Bucket, Blade, Airfoil and Cover Repair and Replacement
  • Tenon Welding and Repair
  • Lashing Lug Weld and Repair
  • Removal or Installation of Erosion Shields
  • Tie Wire Repairs and Replacement
  • Nozzles and Diaphragms partition repair
  • Blade Ring Refurbishment/ Replacement
  • Valve Disassembly, Inspection and Assembly
  • Checking and repairing of transition pieces, fuel nozzles, liners