Gas Turbine Maintenance

Uniturbine offers complete maintenance, repair and overhaul for gas turbines based upon the owner’s intended operating plans for the unit or in case of sudden breakdowns for all types of gas turbines at any place worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All our technical staff is properly trained and certified and we can guarantee excellence in all aspects of our activities.

Uniturbine is a reliable partner in turbine engine repair with a careful focus on quality and special attention to delivering outstanding customer service at competitive prices.

The maintenances performed on the gas turbines;

  • Performing all measure-ups prior to disassembly of turbine and generator,
  • Disassembly and installation of turbine rotor,
  • Sandblasting rotor, turbine blades and guide vanes.
  • On-site balancing of rotor,
  • Checking and maintenance of combustion chamber, replacement of ceramics and burners,
  • Maintenance of Hot-Gas Path,
  • Maintenances of guide vanes and turbine blades,
  • Checking, maintenances of turbine bearings,
  • Performing crack tests for bearings and turbine casings
  • Maintenances of compressor and air intake section and replacement of filter,
  • Adjustment of turbine coupling,
  • Maintenances of main oil tank and heat exchanger, testing and replacement of turbine oil