Pyro Process Modification & Capacity Enhancement

Pyro Process, the heart of cement Plant has been our start focus area both for services of basic to detailed engineering and Supply with guaranteed Production increase or energy efficiency enhancement.

In the Pyro section, cyclones and calciners are effectively designed by us to result in optimum reduction of SOx and NOx in the system. Such designs also ensure the maximum use of alternative fuels, as needed.

Our cyclones are tailored made and guarantees are given on pressure drop and collecting efficiency. Our cyclones are able to collect >95% of material while keeping the ΔP <45 mmWG.

We propose to upgrade Pyro Process with following goals/aim:

  • Reduction of ΔP across cyclones
  • Enhancing ΔT across riser duct
  • Enhancing the productivity by increasing the volume handling capacity of cyclones with Ultra LP cyclone or Double Dip Tube cyclone.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Redesign of calciner for better burning of fuel, and enhancing the resident time.
  • Reduction of power consumption at PH ID fan.