Technical Audit & Feasibility Study

In order to analyze the possibilities to reduce power and thermal consumption and to improve plant’s energy efficiency and productivity we perform Inspection and Audits with detailed measured real time data which has been taken on site for every operational unit such as Crusher, Quarry, Silo, Raw Mill, Preheater, Calciner, Kiln, Cooler, TAD, Cement Mill, Classifier and all Fans etc. in two phases by our experts.

Our report consists analysis, deduction and proposed modification aiming at higher level of efficiency.

Main topics on our audits are:

  • Aim of the Client/ Purpose of Ongoing audit
  • Present Condition and Operation Philosophy
  • Existing plant data summery for all unit operation
  • Possibilities and system margin for production upgrade/ reduction of power and fuel consumption
  • Our concept for upgrading the plant
  • New Equipment sizing/ Optimization of existing equipment
  • Basic Engineering and System Design for all unit operation
  • Air, Mass and Heat Balance for existing and modified circuit
  • GA drawing along with BOQ for modified and suggested circuit
  • Project cost analysis with ROI analysis
  • Downtime analysis
  • Possibilities to utilize Alternative Fuel Utilization
  • Suggestion to keep the particulate emission within local environmetal norms
  • Solutions for controlling NOx and SOx

Preparation of tender, evaluation of contractor’s drawing and documents, inspection of fabrication activity and manufactured equipment, supervision of installation and commissioning are our core competencies while preparing feasibility reports.

We follow below for our feasibility study:

  1. Site Inspection
  2. Market Research
  3. Base level engineering
  4. GA drawing and process flow sheet
  5. Bill of material and cost analysis
  6. Detailed engineering and submission of manufacturing drawing
  7. Technical specification of equipment
  8. Project cost analysis and ROI analysis
  9. Detailed report submission
  10. Erection drawing
  11. Supervision of Fabrication/manufactured equipment
  12. Supervision of installation and commissioning
  13. Performance guarantee test