Plant Operation & Maintenance

Uniturbine is able to maximize your profit % by outsourcing operating & maintenance of plant and able to maximize the productivity up to 120% of designed and reduce the thermal and electrical power consumption.

We provide ongoing maintenance and management for projects that have been implemented to ensure efficiency improvements. We monitor the changes, such as hours of operation, new equipment, routine maintenance schedules and anything that may impact on power consumption and productivity.

The basic principle of Operation & Maintenance is to operate and maintain your plant and to ensure followings:

  1. Total optimization of plant process and performance
  2. Detailed analysis of Production Report and Power Report
  3. Generating MIS Report
  4. Condition Monitoring of equipment & Pro-active measures
  5. Detailed analysis of Mills and Report Submission
  6. Detailed analysis of Pyro Process and Report Submission
  7. Generating Fan Curve and detailed analysis of Fan
  8. Suitable Raw Mix Design as per the quality policy
  9. Minor in-house modification to reduce thermal and electrical power consumption and enhance productivity.